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At S3 our subject matter experts are not only some of the most experienced operators in the industry, but they are distinctly accomplished instructors as well. They are exceptional at applying their real world experience to ensure the rapid development of their students at all proficiency levels. Our elite instructors are unmatched in their overall experience and training success rate. 

Our training instructors come from diverse backgrounds that include the Central Intelligence Agency, Special Forces, Law Enforcement and all branches of the U.S. Military.

We are second to none in delivering the most advanced training courses available and we bring a proven track record with students at all proficiency levels.

 Our program directors have a vast amount of experience, enabling us to customize any training program to provide you with highly specialized solutions for your organizations needs and objectives. 

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Patrol Officer -Tactical Development Course

The information presented in this course was compiled over decades of experience in both law enforcement and special operations around the globe.  The growing trend in war zones and conflict areas led to the development of the TTP’s being taught.  We now see the growing trend in law enforcement to be the same as those found overseas, due to larger threats being carried out by a smaller number of personnel. These small cells are able to carry out complex attacks with a minimal amount of resources.  Law Enforcement officers are being “task-saturated” and are finding themselves having to do more as a single officer than ever before.  In the event of a complex attack, the first officers to respond are finding themselves having to conduct single officer operations by necessity.  The lack of immediate resources has driven this.  To answer the problem, this course offers skills that allow single officer operations to be more efficient ,effective and safe.  Ultimately, we want to have a team conduct operations but resources don’t allow this.  This course will supply individual officers with the knowledge and ability to survive, save innocent lives and over-take threats while further resources are gathered.    

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