Based out of Colorado Springs, CO the personnel of Strategic Support Solutions (S3) have over 30 years of comprehensive, large scale management and operational experience in diversified international fields. Our Subject Matter Experts are from U.S. federal law enforcement agencies, the Central Intelligence Agency, and US military Special Operations.

Our team is proud to have a strong background in strategic leadership including a proven track record in the management of operations, human resources, logistics, finance and training.

We have unexcelled results in regional and country management, as well as operational success, with years of international experience in the US Intelligence community. We have worked in a multitude of diverse cultures with both government and non-governmental organizations, in over 30 countries, to include both permissive and non-permissive environments.

We've shown consistent success in solving complex issues across a full spectrum of security programs, to include counter terrorism, vulnerability assessments and threat mitigation.

We believe that all mission success or failure is due to its leadership. We are transformational and strategic leaders who build teams and bring out the best in every individual.

Troy L. Williams, CEO