Mission Statement

Through strategic leadership and the use of the world’s leading subject matter experts, we use the very highest ethical and operational standards in the industry, to provide innovative solutions in direct collaboration with our clients.

Current Projects

Veteran Startup Incubator- S3 assist veterans with concept to market incubation. We aid in research and development, testing and evaluation of concepts, company structure, investment, production and market penetration.  Success of our veterans is crucial to American success!

Product lines- With a group of products currently under S3, we are able to quickly support clients with solutions that other companies have to seek out assistance with.  Our products range from IT management tools, Cyber security tools, information collection and analysis, operational support of weapons systems, personnel field welfare, Counter UAS and thermal mitigation technology.

Services- Current PSD training and operational needs are being negotiated in various regions of the world.  Military and law enforcement training for hard skills and soft skills.  Counter poaching in Africa.  Collection and analysis for targeting of human trafficking and international trafficking of arms, funds and narcotics designed for supporting terrorism.